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 6. Limited warranty for e-bikes

All product comes with warranty, covering users from manufacturing defects. No additional costs would be imposed on customers for products under warranty period. Individual and standalone components or parts may have shorter warranty period because it is not a product as a whole.

Warranty coverage is limited to major electrical and electronic components, mainly the internal battery, motor, throttle and controller. Components and parts that are not within the coverage are chargeable. Examples would be consumable and degradable components such as tires, inner tubes, screws/nuts/threading, wires, connectors, LED bulbs, handle-grips, seat, mudguards, bearings, brake calipers and brake pads.

Warranty also does not cover defect(s) or damage(s) from daily usages, wear and tear, lack of maintenance or negligence, and from any form of incidents & accidents. Defects and damages includes water damage (i.e. improper storage or cleaning methods, rain and water splashes), tampering, modification and external damages from physical impacts.

6.1 Limited warranty for bicycles

Warranty period for bicycle ranges from 6 months to 12 months for parts excluding outer tyres, inner tubes, spokes and brake pads. Please check with us to verify if your bike is under 6 months or 12 months. 

Warranty period for bicycle frames ranges from 1 year to 5 years against manufacturer defects. Please check with us to verify if your bike is under 1 year or 5 years. 

Warranty for parts and frames are against manufacturer defects; no coverage on usages, wear and tear and lack of maintenance or negligence. Should there be any replacement when it's beyond repair/fix, we will do our best to replace with the same parts, but due to the nature of production line and factory sustainability, there may be cases where the parts or frame may no longer be in production and thereafter we will replace with alternate parts/frame available. 

Warranty also does not cover defect(s) or damage(s) from daily usages, wear and tear, lack of maintenance or negligence, and from any form of incidents & accidents. Defects, rusts and damages includes water damage (i.e. improper storage or cleaning methods, rain and water splashes), tampering, modification and external damages from physical impacts.

6.2 Warranty advisory

Kernel Scooter will not be liable for any transportation costs involved. This includes returning the product(s) for repair, services and exchange. Under no circumstances should Kernel Scooter bear any transportation costs involved. 

While we ensure all products sent for delivery are at it's best condition, parcels may be damaged during delivery and we shall not be responsible for any damage of the product if there is any. 

We strongly encourage all customers to do self-collection to ensure the goods are handed over in perfect working condition.

7. Return and exchanges

Full refunds and exchanges can be made within 7 days of unused product or major manufacturer defect within 24 hours after receiving the product. Thereafter, we shall only provide warranty coverage.

There will strictly be no return of goods, refund or exchanges after payment is made. In order to fulfill the return and exchange policy, there shall be no sign of usages or tempering of the product. All products returned for exchange or full refund must be in brand new condition with original packaging. 

Kernel Scooter shall not bear any transportation costs involved for return and exchanges. There will be a 3% administrative fee imposed for online and card payments. 

For cash installment refund, there will be 10% administrative fee imposed. 

8. Pre-order

Pre-order will be made available to selected products that is out of stock, or new product that arriving soon. Customer must agree that pre-order does not guarantee or assure stock availability. Refunds will be made for the deposit, if any, if customers were not able to receive the goods.

Pre-order may be delayed or carried forward as it is greatly affected by manufacturing process, shipping and customs. Should the order be severely delayed (more than 14 days) from the agreed date, customer may choose to refund full amount and cancel the reservation.

Amount of deposit required varies depending on the total value of the product, and both parties should agreed on the amount before any proceeding further.

9. Deposit and reservation

There will be strictly no verbal reservation of any form for any products Kernel Scooter carry. Verbal reservation cannot be used to claim or secure any pre-order products, it is invalid. 

Monetary deposit is required for reservation under the standard agreement and condition of point number 8, Pre-order. 

Amount of deposit is agreed upon both parties and it is non-refundable if customer decides to withdraw or forfeit their reservation. It cannot be converted into cash, voucher or credits, nor is it transferable to any other party. 

10. Disclaimer

Kernel Scooter will not be liable to any monetary or liabiltiy claims from the customer or third-parties. In no event shall we be liable for incidental or accidental damages, or claims from defects, misuses, inability to use the product or any parts thereof, caused by the user of our product(s). By using our product(s), you agreed to indemnify us from claim from bodily injury, sickness, disease or death. 

We highly recommend you to take extra caution and care while using any product(s), you will be responsible for your usages and we urge you to seek professional assistance if you are unsure of any operational or technical matters, do not attempt to risk your own safety.