Installation and Services

Please read the following to understand more on our installation and services for our products including electric scooter and all the related merchandise. 

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pad replacement service is available at Kernel Scooter. However, please ensure that we have stock for your brake pad model. 

Brake pad replacement will take an average of 15-30 minutes and you will have to ensure that the caliper and cables are in good working condition. 

Brake pad replacement includes brake tuning, please ensure your rotor, caliper and cable is in good working condition.

Hydraulic Brake Installation

We carry Magura full hydraulic brake system at our store, and it takes an average of 1 to 3 working days for the installation. You might find some other places that does it quicker, but we seek for your understanding to give us more sufficient time for QA as we will be the one that will be responsible for your safety in braking. 

At Kernel Scooter, we do not offer third-party brake installation. For example, we do not provide installation for Magura brakes bought from other shops to install here, nor do we provide any service to install other brands that we do not carry, such as Shimano.

Bleeding & Re-bleeding

Bleeding or re-bleeding is applicable to all Magura riders, and it will take about 2 hours. Ensure your rotor are not bend else we will not be able to do the alignments after bleeding.

Tube Replacement

We offer tube replacement service for most of the scooters in the market, simply contact us to verify that the service is applicable to your model before proceeding. 

Tube replacement includes brake tuning, however hydraulic system is excluded as we do not provide brake tuning or alignment for hydraulic system.

Tire Replacement

Like above, we provide tire replacement, simply ensure the availability of the tire before proceeding.

General Diagnosis

We provide general diagnosis for electric scooter models that we service. Please contact us to check if service is applicable to your model before proceeding.

Other Services

If you have other service or installation requests that are not listed, please contact us via phone call or email us at, we are also available on messengers.