Segway Ninebot MAX UL 2272 Compliant Escooter

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NINEBOT SEGWAY MAX High Performance Electric Scooter The NINEBOT MAX UL2272 certified LTA compliant e-scooter probably has one of the longest range in the market. The NINEBOT MAX is the perfect...

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NINEBOT SEGWAY MAX High Performance Electric Scooter
The NINEBOT MAX UL2272 certified LTA compliant e-scooter probably has one of the longest range in the market. The NINEBOT MAX is the perfect combination of the M365 and the ES4. With significant improvements in every aspect, the MAX UL2272 is a notch above the rest.

NINEBOT MAX: Ultimate electric scooter by SEGWAY

The world’s most reliable electric scooter comes with the longest range powered by Segway.

Most e-scooters face the problem of limited mileage and battery life. The NINEBOT MAX e-scooter changes this with a battery capacity of 15AH that almost triples the range of the ES2. With a range of 55-65 km, this UL2272 certified e-scooter can cover the entire length of Singapore.
Riding on rough roads can be challenging for e-scooter users. The NINEBOT MAX couples 10″ pneumatic tyres with front and rear suspensions. Therefore your ride smoother and more stable, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps.
This high performance e-scooter uses a rear wheel drive high torque DC motor. Comparatively, rear wheel drive offers you a better solution to acceleration, stability, and brake.
The NINEBOT by SEGWAY MAX comes with a one-step folding system that makes it the ultimate electric scooter for people who are always on the go.
The built-in charger lets you recharge it easily when you’re on the go without having to carry along a bulky charging device. You just need to bring along a pocketable cord similar to a phone charging cable. The new charger is more efficient than before. The NINEBOT MAX UL2272 certified e-scooter can be fully charged in 6 hours, faster than similar capacity e-scooters.
Front and rear 10" inch pneumatic tubeless tyres with dual braking system (Front drum and rear EABS electronic brake).

The tubeless tyre does not only offer you extra comfort, but also extra grip onto the ground for stability. 

The dual braking system allows you to stop in time, enhancing the safety level of your ride.
Ninebot MAX comes with Brushless Direct Drive 350W motor that is rear driven, giving you very good amount of torque going up hill even for 100KG riders. The cruise is quiet and smooth via BLDC technologies.

Ninebot Segway MAX UL 2272 Escooter has a wider and bigger deck as compared to Mijia and ES2 decks, giving you more stability while riding it. It feels really good and stable.
The Segway Ninebot MAX scooter comes with nice LCD display panel that allows you to view useful information such as your speedometer, speed gear and battery indicator.

The button on it also allows you to change speed gear and switch your lights without the need of the phone app.
Front high lumen light for night ridings, it shines your path and creates great visibility for yourself and for incoming traffic. 
Rear light can be switched on at night so that people behind you would be aware of your presence and to give notice while braking.
Thoughtful designed 360 degree rotatory bell to warn others of your presence when overtaking them. 

The UL 2272 certified Segway Max has a built-in charging system that allows you to charge with just a power cable plug. You do not have to carry a bulky adapter to charge your scooter, you can simply use the plug given, hassle free and easy.
For storage or going on public transport, the Segway MAX can be folded to accommodate the space needed.